Former student and all-around outstanding human specimen Nick Ostdick thought it’d be cool to do an interview about the book, and he landed the pitch at Vol 1. Brooklyn, a compelling site that discusses literature and art.  So we chatted inside of Gmail for about two hours, and Nick sewed the results together while exorcising my typos and occasional mid-chat edits.  You can read the interview here; I talk about why write video game poems, why a whole book on them, and why I’m slightly hypocritical–or at least obfuscating–when I teach my students about revision.  But my favorite moment is when Nick makes me realize something about the book I had never noticed before:  many of the poems are three paragraphs long.  Check it out, and check out Nick’s latest project, too:  Hair Lit, Vol. 1, an anthology of short stories inspired by hair metal songs, released earlier this year by Orange Alert Press.  Poetry about video games and short stories about hair metal:  they go together like Bartles & Jaymes.

Oh, and the interview uses this awesome photo I staged for a literary magazine a while back.  You’re welcome.

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