But Our Princess Is in Another Castle is no longer a digital dream!  The book will launch at AWP, where I’ll be signing copies at the Rose Metal Press table (B5) at 10 a.m. on Friday, March 8th.  But if you’re not planning on braving the blizzards, bluster, and/or Boston, you can still have your own personal copy delivered post-haste.  The book is now available through Rose Metal Press, Small Press Distribution, or Amazon.  Or, if you prefer reading about 1980s technology via 2010s technology, you can also magically beam it through the universe to your Kindle or Nook–just like Mega Man!

Some fun statistics:

  • Total pages = 104
  • Total poems = 55
  • Total games referenced = 68
  • Total bibliography pages officially citing all games referenced = 3
  • Total years spent on project, from first draft of first poem to finished book = 8 1/2
  • Total number of Carmen Sandiego cases I solved in the name of “research” = 4
  • Total number of Oregon Trail travelers I similarly felt compelled to kill = 2

Thank you, Reader!